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One week on...

Hey everyone,

I know I said I'd give it a week before we kicked off the real arrpee, however the Prof Flitwick and Vic Snape roleplay isn't finished yet, and I think Alex (prof flitwick) wants to do another with Michael Wurth. So here's the plan... I'm gonna let them have another week as I'm still waiting on a couple of bios anyway. I'm also still kinda holding out for a James -_-

I reckon we can also have 'open' posts from here on in, e.g. Diagon Alley posts, so some arrpee and PC interaction can take place. Do bear in mind that it is silly to just teleport your character into every open Diagon Alley post there is. Nobody spends all summer in Diagon Alley. If you want to arrpee (and don't we all) think of other situations they could met - talk to other players... the contact info is here. Make sure nothing is dated on or after 1st September 2017 yet.

One other thing, could everyone make sure the LJ cut is the first sentence of your entry and that a date and location is stated above the cut? The latter will become much more important as the game moves on. I finally got the tags sorted as well... I didn't have a clue why I couldn't put any on Harry's post.

Ooo something else - partly because she's the only 7th year student we have :P but mainly because it fits, Victoire Weasley has been made Headgirl.

That's everything I think. As always send me an email if you have any question etcetera etcetera.


Vicky xx

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