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Bio - Eudoxia Malfoy

After the death of Voldemort, the Malfoy family escaped Azkaban largely on account of Narcissa’s protection of Harry but their fortune was mostly confisated by the ministry, including many family heirlooms of great significance and value. Ruined, the family moved to a small house in London and Narcissa was forced to beg from her family to try to support her husband, who was left almost insane from his experiences. Draco was forced to take a minor job in the ministry, not least because of his family’s reputation, and almost immediately began to search for a new source of income in the form of a wife. At little more than 20 his mother found an acceptable bride in Medea Kostava, a distant relative of the Krum family and heiress to a modest fortune in her native Georgia. Medea was completely besotted with Draco and when her family discovered the Malfoys’ dark history three years after the marriage, she refused to leave him, so her family cut disinherited her. By this point their first child, Eudoxia, had been born and Draco found himself trapped.

While Eudoxia was never raised to revere the dark arts, Draco’s interest in them having been rather tempered by this point by living in fear of further punishment, not to mention his experience of Voldemort. But she still grew up hearing stories of how great her family had once been, particularly at the knee of her grandfather Lucius who told her wild tales of the Malfoys’ wealth and status. Eudoxia became deeply embittered by the situation she was born into and vowed to do everything she could to make her family great again. On arriving at Hogwarts, she was placed immediately in Slytherin and tried as hard as she could to be the best at everything, but trying never to let on to the wealthy young witches she sought out as friends. Failing at Quidditch, and smarting from the blow, she applied herself to academic subjects and went for as many prizes as possible, often using cunning rather than elbow grease but no stranger to hard work as long as it was conducted away from the public eye. She choses her friends carefully and they are often quite silly, impressionable types who find her glamorous and interesting, but are a little afraid of her. She feels a vague sense of resentment towards the Potters and Weasleys, in spite of her father’s warnings, and any taunts she receives will only legitimate her drive to make her family great again. A little vengeance might be sought too.

Character's Appearance

Tall and rather too skinny. Grey eyes and father’s platinum blonde hair. Haughty looking, but less arrogant than her father and blatantly cold and bitter. Bit of an Eastern nose from her mother’s side.