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Aug. 21st, 2007



Okay peoples,

I really want to get this show on the road, but I know some people still owe me applications and stuff so this is what I'm suggesting... I'm going to open posting starting when I've finished this.

What I want is any ficlets/roleplays/journal entries etc that involve your character prior to the start of this school year. They can be as far back as you like... I've got one I want to post for Harry when he was started teaching at Hogwarts. I also know that Alex (Prof Flitwick) wants to do a bit of arrpee with certain first years.

Make sure the posts are dated correctly, or as close as possible. I know all the players have a pretty good sense of the Potterverse timeline - I am going to produce one specfically for this game when I have the time - as I said just try to stick to 'canon' as much as possible.

Please avoid using characters that already have players in anything you write, unless you speak to the player first. Any character who is playerless atm is fair game - but remember we're not about the crack ^^. Also these posts can't be classed as open - this is all stuff that has already happened, not scenes to be played out. If you want to arrpee scenes between specific characters, such as family members, feel free, just make sure the people involved know the general 'plot' of the scene.

This will give you a chance to flex your creative muscles, let the other players into your character's... well, character, and give people who still want to apply a chance to. We're still looking for a James, so if you know anyone who would be interested, or only have one character and would like a second think about it. After a week of this I'll make an introductory 'On Platform 9 3/4' post and we can start arrpeeing for real.

Any questions, cause I think the pain has made this come across a little confusing, just e-mail me (hprp.nextgen@gmail.com).

Happy writing.

Vicky xx

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Bio - Michael Wurth

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Bio - Neville Longbottom

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Aug. 15th, 2007


Bio - Victorious Snape

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Aug. 14th, 2007


Bio - Aurelius Trevelyan

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Aug. 10th, 2007


Changes - Things to be aware of...

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Sorry if I've been flooding your friends pages with Bios and other community crap. This 'journal' was created to be used as a dumping ground for info as well as a way to communicate with all the players.

In respect to the bios - they've been effectively lifted straight from people's applications. If this is a problem or anyone would like rewrite a specific 'bio' feel free to email it to me. Also - if anyone can think of witier lj-cut texts then just let me know... The same goes for details on the 'Contact' post (problems, not whether they're witty or not).

We're just waiting to a full compliment of Heads - in need of Ravenclaw and have a possible Slughorn in the works... - and at least one student from each house; we are currently missing our token Hufflepuff^^ (why no luff for hufflepuff?). If any of you know anyone who is a decent roleplayer and would be interested in a spot of Harry Potter RP put them onto us.

So yeah, I think that once those places are filled we can kick off. Woot!

Ooo - one last thing - could everyone friend their character journals to the others, please? This will give people the choice to read the main comm and all the other char journal posts in one place...

If anyone has any ideas or such just drop me a line - as I said input is love ^^. I'm gonna get back to filling your f-lists with nonsense as I have some background stuff to write up...including why I think Fred would be a ghost 0.o

Laters guys,
Vicky xx

Bio - Rose Peakes

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Bio - Rose Weasley

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Bio - Victoire Weasley

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