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Bio - Erica Jia Brent

Erica is Cho Chang’s only daughter, by Jonathan Brent.

After graduating from Hogwarts with excellent N.E.W.T grades, Cho started as a junior assistant in the Accounting Department at the Ministry of Magic. She survived the Battle of Hogwarts and returned to the Ministry. Although she was still only a junior assistant she was influential in getting the Department back on its feet. Due to the reputation she’d earned for herself as a hard worker, she quickly rose through the ranks. Her career became her goal.

In 2003 she married Jonathan Brent (a former Gryffindor) and a year later gave birth to Erica, who was completely unplanned. Cho was definitely a career driven woman and had little time for her young daughter. Erica was very much a daddy’s girl. Her parents divorced when Erica was small, after Cho had an affair with a co-worker. With Cho not having time to look after a small daughter it was decided that Erica should live with him. Jonathan is an honest man and didn’t hide how much Cho had hurt him. He was never intentionally vindictive but his attitude affected Erica’s perception of Cho. She has a civil relationship with her mother, but always feels that she betrayed her father. Although she had little contact with her mother, she stayed close to her maternal grandparents, Chang Juan and Chang Tao. The Changs had moved to Scotland from China and had brought a lot of Chinese customs, both Muggle and magical, with them. As their own daughter didn’t show much interest in her heritage they’ve made sure that her daughter knows where she comes from.

Erica is a second year Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. She is un-happy in the house; she’d wanted to be in Gryffindor like her father. To her, being in Ravenclaw suggests that she is more like her mother than she wants to be. Her father was immensely proud of his daughter for getting into Ravenclaw. She also has a big white tom-cat called Bai.