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Bio - Maggie McDonald

Maggie is a 5th year student. Her parents are highly successful in the medical business in America, but she doesn't flaunt the fact. Her parents are muggles so it came as a huge surprise when Maggie got her letter to attend Hogwarts. Most of her muggle clothing comes from an American shopping place called the thrift store. Vintage is her way of life, and uniqueness radiates from her being. Now, don't get me wrong, she is unique but not overly so to where she border lines completely insane. Some people may say that she is a little on the weird side, especially people from Britain, because she brings her American traditions with her. However, to say she is normal would be a vast understatement, and frankly an insult towards her.

When Maggie was first accepted into Hogwarts she almost didn't go, she had many strange occurances with magic and she wasn't quite sure she could handle it. After some pushing from her parents, Maggie decided to go and is now pleased that she did. Her first day of Hogwarts brought a great bout of change. Her friends are within her Hufflepuff house, but she vowed her at the beginning of this year that she would turn that around. Now she is out to make new friends and become more open to the world of Hogwarts and magic. Seeing as she used to be a little bit a loner it should be fun to see how this turns out. Will you join Maggie on her journey?

Character's Appearance
A pale complexion starts off Maggie's apperance, never quite getting enough sun in Utah. Her curly hair touches her waist and is a natural jet black. Her eyes are a jade green and have the tendency to turn a light grey when she is mad or upset. She is an average girl of 5'6" and weights around 130 pounds. Never really being the prettiest girl, Maggie was surprised when her growth spurt hit and she got curves. She is described as being pretty, not quite beautiful, but pretty.